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Use Google Analytics to track conversion on thank you page?

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Use Google Analytics to track conversion on thank you page?


I have read that an affiliate may be able to track their conversions on the advertiser's thank you page, and I assume this is for people using Google Analytics.

I have Google Analytics tracking my own page views, but I cannot find any info on how it works if you can get the advertiser to place your code on their thank you page.

Would I just place my page view code that I have on my site on their thank you page? And then the other question would be ---- wouldn't I also get credit (page views for the conversion) for "ALL" conversions, regardless if they were from me?

I am promoting products on Commission Junction and Clickbank using different methods and SEM as well, so I want to see which of my techniques work.

Help anyone!!!
thanks so much,
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Hi Renee

Check out Affilorama Lesson 12.1 on Conversion Tracking, it explains how to get your tracking code on the merchants thank you page. Also, you can take a look at your merchants affiliate page where sometimes they show you how to place your google id into your hoplink.

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Hi Renee, you can contact the merchant directly to add your tracking code to the thank you page.
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