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Traffic Travis and CPC

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Traffic Travis and CPC

I've been using the free version of Traffic Travis and love it. I'm curious to know if it gets its results form the google database? I had an experienced marketer check it out and he wouldn't consider it because he said it didn't. He preferred Micro Niche Finder. Truth be told I only want to spend the cash ONCE. I love the interface and thing the inclusion of video for help is miles beyond the standard boring text base help file.

I was wondering though: with the ppc analysis tools would it not be possible to see the amount that clicks cost (and what an advertiser is spending) as well as ad preview, rankings and such? I think this would be killer as I need to right now use PPC web spy for that.

I'm also curious if TT could do monthly as well as daily search results and phrase matching?

Finally (yes I'm almost done, hehe) what are some future plans for TT?

I'm very happy to have found TT and affilorama! Kudos for all your work!

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hi there erik ... firstly apologies for overlooking your post! were usually pretty good at responding to questions on the forum. im not sure if youve already got the answers you needed but ill do my best to reply to your questions here.

firstly TT does get its results from Google but it also get results from the other two main search engines - Yahoo & MSN. so it may give different results than a tool that only checks google (btw theres actually no way to access the google database directly - you can really only go by the search result pages!).

as for CPC youre best to use the google keywords tool for an approx cpc however TT gives you some great info on whos bidding for phrases, who has the best rankings as well as preview of the ad and how many changed bidders there are (this tells you if the same advertisers are still bidding on the same keyword since your last update - a sure sign of a profitable keyword!)

TT can do updates as often as you like, just load up your project and click update.

There are ongoing plans for TT including some exciting new changes just released - read all about it on the official TT blog -
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