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Trademark bidding - What is it?

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Trademark bidding - What is it?

Can anyone help me with trademark bidding, what is it? Does it mean that the company only wants you to affiliate with them, and they be the only one on your web page?

Trade Mark Bidding???? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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"Trademark bidding" is using a company's trademarked terms as keywords in PPC. If you can bid on a trademarked product name, it can result in higher conversions since people searching on the keyword (and finding your ad) are obviously looking for that particular item.

Some affiliate programs don't allow bidding on trademarks at all, since it can result in affiliates battling the merchant site for ad position. Other affiliate programs don't particularly care, and you can go nuts. Some others allow *some* affiliates to do it, but not others.

Here's a pretty good summary of the situation and different perspectives:

Hope that helps,
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