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Success with promoting CPA offers through PPC

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Success with promoting CPA offers through PPC

Hey Guys,

I just wanted to tell everyone that I am starting to have some success promoting CPA offers through PPC and a couple of other methods. If you don't know what CPA offers are I am sure Mark would be happy to produce a video ;-)

Anyway, CPA agencies usually pay a couple of bucks (in my experience anywhere from $1 to $30 PER EMAIL ADDRESS) which I think is pretty good.

If anyone has a decent website and a list I would highly recommend you check out Hydramedia. It is the closest thing to free money that I have come across.

Checkout my recommended agencies: ""

(yes, I know it's an affiliate link...But, hey If I wasn't telling everyone no one would know :-)

All The Best
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Could you perhaps give those who know nothing about CPA a few tips?
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