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Started First Ad - Need Advice

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Started First Ad - Need Advice

So i recently setup my first ad using Marks bidding strategy. My initial clickthroughs are 0.1% and my average ad position is 2.8.

Should I be increasing my bid to get higher positions and higher clickthroughs or should I just leave it there and reduce my bids after 30 clicks?

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I think 2.8 is already a pretty good spot. You actually need to keep raising your bid by 20% each day if you're below position number 4. You could reduce your spending by 20% (and keep reducing it by 20%) after each 30 clicks until your ad goes down until position 4, then monitor your profits. If it is profitable after 200 – 300 clicks then you can leave it there.
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test test test, find your sweet spot on which position is making you the sales.

Dont get into any bidding wars with others, and remeber no 1 spot is not gauranteed any more, Google decides who they want in the no 1 spot now, things have changed, so give Google what they want
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