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Split test landing pages?

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Split test landing pages?

Hi, I've started on PPC and would like to get some suggestions on tweaking my landing page. I'm starting small so I only have one add group. I've split tested and tweaked my adds to where both of them are right around 8% CTR. My quality scores are now mostly 7 with a couple of 10s.
Now I would like to improve the CTR on my landing page. Should I:
1: Start making changes on the current landing page and see what happens or
2: Make a new landing page and add a third add with the new landing page as the destination URL. Can you have adds in the same addgroup with different URLs? I have heard you should never change the destination URL on a current add.
Any thoughts on the best way to tweak landing page would be greatly appreciated.
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Hey guitarman ,

I assume that you want to rise your conversion rate not CTR so, I would recommend to not split test your landing page from Adwords , this would be a big mistake because Adwords will not send traffic equally on both URLS , also Adwords will not consider to send the same type of traffic to variant A like variant B . For Example :

You advertise for US and CA traffic, on one URL(A) Adwords will send 300 US visits and 100 CA visits , on the other URL(B) adwords will send 300 CA visits and just 100 US visits. Maybe your product will convert better for US visits so you will be wrong to consider that variant A would be the winner.

So you should Split Test using another free Google tool named Website Optimizer. This tool will take care of more variables then you think.

Be careful when you will choose the winner variant to have enough data.

Good luck ,
Alex Berghian
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