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Speed PPC Review - July 31 Blog Post P.S.

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Speed PPC Review - July 31 Blog Post P.S.

Any updates on the P.S from the July 31st Blog entry?

P.S. I have recently finished recording a camtasia video interview with an affiliate who is earning over $100k a month from pay per click search engines. Seeing as this interview was so good I’ve decided that I’m going to put this video on Youtube and on my blog. You’ll learn a LOT from it, so stay tuned for more info!

I tried posting a comment to the entry, but kept getting a "Page cannot be displayed". (Maybe it's just me) I'd love to see this video when it is available for us!
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That video is coming out in the next Affilorama update. I sent out an email about it the other day... the update is going to be a little late since I've got practically no voice at the moment.

I'll give you guys a head start with it before making it available to non-members. Should be out in the next two weeks, fingers crossed!

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Thanks for your review. its a good one!!
Chk out by blog also I am offering 147$ off on speedppc affiliate pro version.
Now speedppc affiliate pro @ only 350$.. hurry!!!

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