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Similar PPC pages, Am I doing this right?

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Similar PPC pages, Am I doing this right?

Theoretically, is it (Google) duplicate content If I use hundreds of similar landing pages that are mostly identical except for a few words? I use noindex meta tags and I've blocked robots from directory as well.

I"ve scoured Google's landing page guidelines to understand duplicate content. My content is unique and different in my market. With that said, can I create hundreds of similar landing pages making only few changes to keywords?

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Hi Spunky,
I believe they would be seen as duplicate content pages.
Apart from "Split testing a few pages" Not sure why you would want to do that as Google will not show multiple ads leading to identical or similar landing pages, but you may want to read the adwords guidelines here... ... e=guide.cs

I find this comment interesting..
(Visitors' personal information
* Unless necessary for the product or service that you're offering, don't request personal information.)

You may also want to read the Originality section.

Also, see here.. ... swer=38197
How to exclude your landing pages from AdWords visits

This may affect your quality score as your pages are nearly identical to other pages on your domain and you are using the no index and robots.txt which also affects quality score.

Just be careful with these. They are manual reviewed and would hate to see your adwords account get deleted.

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I am not too sure about duplicate content rule but as far as what I have heard, it's only liable for the penalty if the same content appears on the same domain & site more than once. So, if you are hosting your landing pages under different domain, that shouldn't be a problem.

Anyway, IMHO, it doesn't matter much as long as I achieve what I want (ie. if the main traffic source for your landing page is not from natural SE, then why bother as long as the conversion is good, sales pouring in.. does duplicate content really matters?)
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