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running adds what do you suggest

mark schaaf
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running adds what do you suggest

The market I am in is going to get hot and heavy the beginning of the year and since my site isn't at the top of page one in the search results and probably never will I am thinking about running some add to get traffic, I an thinking about ppv after seeing the webinar the other day which was great but I am thinking my market is kind of small and specialized and am worried about getting a lot of traffic, the other thing I was thinking about doing was running some banner adds on yahoo, I know they aren't as big as google but I don't care much for google. has anyone run any banner adds on yahoo and if you have what do you think of the cost, since I have never run a banner add I don't have any idea what it would run. I also sent an e-mail to one of the big marketing companies mentioned on the T T webinar to use but I have yet to get an answer. To me it makes me feel like they don't want my business, if you can't answer a simple question about want to use there service I don't know if I want to use there service, Mark
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If you are considering PPC then you need to prepare a list of keywords for your site. Then look for the CPC (cost-per-click) rate of each keyword. Based on these values, you can take a decision. To get success in PPV, you need to have a niche website. Because networks show your ad based on their own algorithm and if you site and keywords are not exact match then you may loose lot of money.

I suggest you to consider easy to join networks and try there.
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Hi Mark, if you want cheap clicks I'd recommend Yahhoo/Bing advertising network, if you've got a bit more to spend and want to reach a bigger audience Adwords is the way to go.. Do some keyword research first;
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