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Request For Advice: Users Not Staying on LP

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Request For Advice: Users Not Staying on LP

Hey Everyone,

Been running some PPC campaigns based on single review product landing pages. All of my keywords are targeted for this specific product, and if I do say so myself my LP is quite informative and reviews the product nicely. The problem however is that users are clicking on my Ad and not even staying to read the review!

This is something I don't understand - why type in "xyx Product Review" and click on a page that has a review but not even stay to read it? Due to this I've spent some money that has returned no results because people aren't even staying on the page to learn about the product.

What could I be doing wrong? What might I want to consider to get people to read the page? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi Aus,
Nothing much you can do about this except to improve your Landing Page.
Some people could just be spying on you and clicking through to see the actual page you are linking too.
If you are getting sales, then great... don't worry about them clicking your ad.. that is the whole point... once they click... it is out of your hands.
You might want to place some bullet points on your page... as people tend to scroll down a page very quickly.
The bullet points will attract them to your message.
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