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Quick Introduction and want to get in on the conversation

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Quick Introduction and want to get in on the conversation

Hello guys and gals...

I am new to Affilorama and really liking what I've been seeing. Even though I've made affiliate sales and stuff, I still consider myself new because I have just devoted my 2009 to mastering it and creating an income to live on using affiliate products... both Clickbank and some CPA networks.

I just finished reading all of the past posts and it seems like there are lot of people here who want to learn PPC and many who are using it successfully.

I would like to join in and share some of my experiences and future experiences.

I am lucky enough to have a partner (even more brand new than me) whos interested in helping getting a couple niche sites up and running.

So far in the first two weeks of the new year my PPC trials have left me $20 or so below break even. Started out with direct linking but without the ability to track and test... I don't like doing that.

Now I am creating landing pages and going to test those and try to get some profit pumping... not just revenue.

Well, just wanted to say hello and I will post back as often as I can how my PPC campaigns are running. Hopefully I can help add some value and get some more great value out of this site.

Thanks... Dan
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Welcome Dan, great to have you on board. I'm sure you will get alot of value out of Affilorama and we hope you are able to give some back to all here.

Sing out if you get stuck with anything :)
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