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Q: 1 Keyword per Ad Group - Yea/Nay?

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Q: 1 Keyword per Ad Group - Yea/Nay?

Mark & team (and anyone else really) - I just listened to your interview with Amit Mehta and have been going through the PPC Classroom materials, and I've got a question for you regarding a method Amit recommends.

He says to put each keyword into its own Ad Group - yep, just 1 keyword. That means if you have 1000 keywords, you'll 1000 Ad Groups. This does make it at least 1 magnitude of order more difficult to manage your campaigns, not to mention that you'll quickly run up against limits in many of the PPC platforms out there (ex: adCenter only let me upload 500 via a CSV file).

Other PPC tutorials out there don't recommend this approach at all. They suggest more along the lines of what you do which is to break out your keywords into meaningful groups or categories.

I'm willing to put in the extra work (i.e. time) to do it Amit's way, but am getting the feeling that the return I get will be marginal compared to the time I put in.


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Kj this is the way i do it. How ever i am no PPC expert. I use adwords editor with a php script ive created (much like ad grenade) that automaticly creates the ad groups and keywords etc, then i just cut and paste into adwords editor.

I find my quality scores are higher this way.
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KJ, I am a member of Dr. Glenn Livingston's Hyper Responsive Program and I listened to an audio file this past Friday about the 80/20 keyword strategy put forth by Jeff Hughes. Excellent strategy and something that I will start employing immediately. Jeff Hughes speaks about one keyword/ad group as well, however, he goes well beyond this and talks about defining which of your keywords are yielding the best results and how to position your ad groups to maximize traffic and lower your PPC costs in general. I have been a great fan of Perry Marshall (Definitive Guide to Google Adwords and the Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords) and I was introduced to Hughes and Livingston's program through him - I am also a fan of Dr. Howie Jacobson (Adwords for Dummies), and all of these guys are very well respected in the PPC industry. Go to this link and listen to the audio file - it's about 25 minutes, but well worth your investment of time.


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