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Prevent Saving a PDF File
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Prevent Saving a PDF File

Hi Friends,

Portable document format is a file format that was developed by Adobe Acrobat in the early 1990s to allow document exchange and for easier display on the Internet. Unfortunately, one of the downsides to this type of file is that it is easy for other users to copy. You can password-protect your files to prevent unknown users from saving your PDF files off the Internet.


1. Run Adobe Acrobat, and open the file you want to protect. Select "File" from the toolbar, and click "Document Properties."

2. Select the "Security" tab at the top of the window. Click "Security Method" from the drop-down menu, and select "Password Security."

3. Enter a password into the password box. This menu will show several options for further protection.

4. Locate the "Permissions" section. Disallow copying text, editing text and printing by checking the appropriate boxes. Click "OK," and save the document.

Thanks and Regards
Vicky Milza
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Unfortunately, Adobe Acrobat is expensive.
But if your have Microsoft Office Word 2010, it will save to PDF format (with security if you like). So, no need to spend money for Acrobat.

That said, Adobe is now offering many of their applications "in the cloud" for a fairly reasonable monthly fee.

Also, everyone should understand that Adobe offers free (fully functional) 30 day trials of all their products. You might even be able to make enough profit in 30 days of use to buy the product.

Hope this helps...
_jim coe
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