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PPC sites different to organic?

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PPC sites different to organic?

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the training. I have learned a lot so far and am enjoying the lessons. Not really a new affiliate, but I've been getting a lot of good info from Affilorama.

OK the question: Do you differentiate between a PPC site and a site designed for organic traffic? From your roadmap, it looks like those sites should make money with either organic or PPC traffic.

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The landing page of a PPC site is often different to most pages in an article type site for the search engines.

Before Adwords tightened up on their relevancy quota, 1 page sites were perfect for adwords. Either a review site, or a squeeze site worked wonders. Now this page needs to be built into a larger site, such as an article site and the landing page must be more relevant to the text in the PPC ad. Seems to work equally as well, just takes longer setting up the site.

Make sense?


ps this problem is just an adwords problem for search match. You can still build 1 page sites for google content match, overture, msn, etc (perhaps with a followup sequence, but can work without).
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