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PPC - Need to Bid on singular and plural?

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PPC - Need to Bid on singular and plural?


I have a question about whether or not i need to bid on both the singular and plural of a word in my ppc campaigns?

eg affiliate marketing Vs affiliates marketing

when i test it by typing some searches into google, the ads change when i type in the singular and plural but how do i know if this is not just due to peoples budgets etc?

Thanks for any help and advice!

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Hi Becky,

Yes you have to bid on both if you want your ad displayed on plural of your keyword as well.

When you search for a keyword using a keyword tool like Traffic Travis it will display only singular results for you.
For example, try a search for "mountain bike" and it will show over 42000 results but probably half of the searches were actually done for "mountain bikes".

Google from the other hand will not display your ad for "mountain bikes" if you only bid for "mountain bike".

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Yes, you definately need to bid on duplicates.

Also, if you use wordtracker, be careful that you also rearrange the words you type in into different orders as that can give you more search terms.

For example...

If you type in: drive car
The results spat out by word tracker will be different to: car drive
and will be different to the results you get from typing in: drive a car

All the best, great to see you in here again,

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