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PPC clicks vs. Clickbank hops

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PPC clicks vs. Clickbank hops

This is my first week in PCC so I'm worried about losing money and not making any. I would appreciate it if someone can help me understand it better.

I created a Google Adwords campaign and instead of creating a landing page, or directing the ad to my website, I provided an affiliate link from Clickbank itself.

Now I see a total of 18-20 clicks per day in the Google Adwords Campaign for various keywords I used.
But I do not see a corresponding 18-20 hops in clickbank.

Did I do anything wrong or am I interpreting the data incorrectly?
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Looks like your question is a little old, so I'm not sure if you already have an answer or not. In the event you don't, maybe this will help.

Looking at the structure of your example hop link (broken link), this looks to me to be the problem you're having. This is not a valid hop link. This looks like an example of what shows in the address bar once your hop link has been clicked. A normal hop link would look more like this:

The "affiliate-ID" would be your affiliate name for clickbank, and "vendor-ID" would be the product vendor ID. When you want to create a hop link either click the link under the listing on Clickbank that says "Create HopLink", or right click on the "view pitch page" link, then select copy link location and insert the link where you want. If you use the second method make sure to put your ID in the spot with all the xxxxxx's.

It's a little safer to use the create hoplink feature because it allows you to encrypt your hoplink.

Hope that helps.

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Sometimes there are discrepancies between CB reporting and Google AdWords, with CB often reporting a day late as well as reporting in a slightly different way. Its a little bit similar to the difference between AdWords and Analytics (read more at ... swer=55610) and exactly what theyre measuring i.e. clicks vs visits.

In addition to encrypting your direct hoplinks from AdWords, I would also suggest adding a tracking ID so you know exactly which clicks are coming from your ads.

Direct linking can be tough going - I'd suggest reading this interview with Amit Mehta on how to do direct linking.
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