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PPC Campaign - Duplicate Content On Different Domain Names?

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PPC Campaign - Duplicate Content On Different Domain Names?

Hi all!

We're running a PPC campaign and are about to create about a thousand keyword targeted landing pages. However, we are concerned about the consequences having these thousand landing pages all linked inside one domain.

Will Google Adwords see this as spam? Is it OK to have such a huge amount of landing pages on one domain, all having the exact same content, with only a few keywords replaced?

Also, we intend to register 8 more domain names for our main keyword synonyms, to achieve more relevancy. If we spread these thousand landing pages across these 8 domains, won't Adwords frown upon us and think pirates are in play?

We don't want to end up having our domain names banned on Adwords, or worse; our Adwords account banned.

Can anyone give us a confident answer to this question?

Thanks, regards,

Maarten & Rudolf
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