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Position 4 in Google Adwords??

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Position 4 in Google Adwords??

Hi all,
probably a daft question but when Mark talks about aiming for position 4 for his ads, is that as reported in the end column of the campaign manager screen?
Does that count include the top 3, so that position 4 is the top of the sidebar ads?
Or are they counted so that 4 will be the fourth one down the side?
Slightly confused as to what we should be aiming for, and why.

Is there any way that we can see where we are positioned when searches are done in say the US.
When we do a search here it tends to be slanted to UK results, so our position shown here is obviouly not going to be the same as when a US based person puts that keyword in.

Does it really make a big difference to your CTR where you are in the list?

So many questions I know, sorry about that!
Cheers J & J
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Number 4 is just the goal to aim for.
Yes the 2 PPC ads on the top count as 1 and 2. so your number 4 ad will show up as second on the right side.
However, I have had more click throughs at number 5 and even 6 sometimes. Nothing is set in stone and constantly needs testing and improving.
1 week position 6 will convert better than position 4 and the next week the opposite is true. This is choas theory at it's ( )

I go to to check out the U.S google listings.

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Hi Troy,
thanks for that, cleared up some of my questions, and a very useful link too! :)
Seems to be quite a dicrepancy between where we appear in US searches and what it says Ave Pos is on the dashboard :(

Cheers, J & J
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