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Poor "Keyword Relevance" on Unique Keywords

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Poor "Keyword Relevance" on Unique Keywords

Hello everyone,

I have been doing PPC for some time with moderate success on affiliate offers, and decided to apply some of my skills here at work to generate leads for our very tight niche: law enforcement software. Let me explain the situation best I can:

Now, there is hardly anyone advertising on my keywords. I'm going for competitors names and websites, related product names, and long tail keywords. I have heard that my issue may be that Google knows so little about my market that they are grouping me with some larger (consumer type) market that makes them think that my keywords and ads are irrelevant.

Google is hitting me with a "poor" score for my "keyword relevance". What should be pennies is costing me $1 per click. My landings are extremely relevant and have a B or higher rating in Traffic Travis. The account I am using has been around since the summer, and there was a low-traffic, low ctr campaign sitting in it for several months.

Any advice? Thanks!
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Keyword relevance can sometimes be determined by historical data accrued by Google, based on what it thinks users are searching for when they use that term, so make sure your landing pages align with the organic search results Google returns when that phrase is entered.

It may also relate to a lack of content or a site that doesn't offer sufficient value to a visitor searching on that phrase.

I would recommend using the Google Site Optimizer tool to see if it offers any suggestions on exactly what you can improve.
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