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Mark Ana Flycatcher Page

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Mark Ana Flycatcher Page


This is my first time posting for questions related to PPC adwords. I'm in the forex niche. A very expensive niche and I'm running keywords very related to the founder of a theory. (wise to post the keyword?) Ok here is the deal I post an ad with google adwords with an average CPC of only 50cts.

The Flycatcher Page -

So far I had received 31 clicks and only 1conversion. My landing page is nothing more then a flycatcher asking people to fill up a question box + name and email. Here is the question.

1. Should i let the ad run for another 1 week before creating another landing page?
2. Should I flip between 2 landing page with one only ask for question without asking people to fill in name + email?
3. Should I flip between 3 landing page with first page asking only question then redirect them to another page to fill in the name + email with the reason that I'll send the ebook complied free to them from the question they ask me?
4. Should I offer an ebook at the landing page then mention that I'll send the ebook once I compiled the question they ask??

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1 out of 31 is good conversion so far. I would focus on that page. Really study the intent of the user that clicks on your ad and optimize the page perfectly to match up. Run split tests, keep the page you have now, make a copy of it and make JUST 1 change to it. Then see what performs better. If the new page performs better, then it becomes the control, and you test another change.

The more steps that you add into the process, the lower your conversion rates will be as people will drop off rather than fill out page after page of stuff.
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