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Landing Page More Relevant But Quality Score Dropped

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Landing Page More Relevant But Quality Score Dropped

Below is the history of how I set-up a new PPC campaign:

Set up 9 categories
Added targeting keywords per each category
Wrote 2 adds for each category
Set all CPC to $.10 initially (planned to increase each CPC separately once program was launched)
All categories/keywords initially linked to one landing page

Right out of the gate 90% of my keywords had a 7/10 quality score. About 100 keywords.

Over the next 48 hours, I produced 9 separate landing pages for each category/main keyword. Each page was a copy of the original landing page but the content/pictures had been changed to match the demographic. I added "noindex, nofollow" meta tags to all nine landing pages since they had a great deal of copied content from the original landing page.

I also changed the meta tags, title, heading, url, h1 tags, etc. to match each category/keywords. After publishing the new landing pages and updated the ad destination URLS, I went to Traffic Travis and all pages were rated an "A" in the page optimization report. Felt good about all this and went to bed.

This morning, I expected to see an even better quality scores due to my extremely relevant landing pages....

The OPPOSITE happened...all of my keywords are now off page one and my quality score is mostly 3,4 & 5

Why did this happen? Does Google give eveyone a 7/10 quality score until someone can manually review each landing page, then the real QS is given?

Was it due to the way I initially launched my campaign?

Can it be fixed?

Will the QS go back up over time if I just leave everything alone?

It is baffling, better more relevant landing pages but lower QS?? Now the cost per click is so high I can't compete.
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Google tries to automate as much as of the QS calculations as possible so I wouldnt say that the drop was due to a manual review.

What I would suggest is to use the Google Site Optimizer, since nobody knows Google like Google. It may give you some clues as to whats going wrong.

The other option is to separate out your campaigns so you manage/modify them separately.
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