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Landing page conversions: HELP!

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Landing page conversions: HELP!

Hello everyone,

Im the owner of a website called link removed by moderator and im currently using facebook ads for my pay per click advertising and I have had great sucess so far (over 50 people have filled out the form on the landing page) The problem is now that they have filled out the form Im having trouble signing them up for classes or even getting them to respond to any emails. am I doing something wrong with my landing page form? or am I following up in the wrong way? Please give me advice on this. here is the link to the landing page.... link removed by moderator

Thanks for any and all suggestions!
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They opted in so it would not be a problem with the landing page or the opt in form. I would say that they simply do not want to sign up for a class or respond to your emails.
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You've chosen a landing page that teaches English classes to pilots. Is this the niche that you're targeting? If not, I suggest that you edit your landing page to target your market better.

I actually signed up so that I could check what kind of emails you send to your subscribers and how often you send them. Are you sending newsletters regularly? This will help develop a relationship with them and encourage them to keep coming back to your site. Usually a newsletter series doubles the income of a site. I think this article would help you create an effective series: Getting your newsletter series off the ground: Essential questions answered
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