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is this odd?

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is this odd?

when i started using PPC for one of my web sites i was targeting all countrys-i did this for about 2 weeks and about 95% of the clicks were from india (about 1800 out of 2000) and i was getting 3-6 opt in's a day. in exchange for a free ebook. i thought i was doing really well, not one of those opt ins has bought the product.

i saw on here someware that mark said to only target the main english speaking countrys (so now i am)
but sence i changed the targeting i have not had any opt ins from any english speaking countrys.

now back to my question are people from india just after the freebies?? (about 50% unsubscribed after free ebook)
the ebook is high quality with really useful and high quality content

are there any lessons on how to get the veiwers to opt in? on my website i am not directly selling the product i am trying to funnel the viewers to opt in.

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It's not that Indians are just after the freebies, it's that your product might be the equivalent of a weeks wages.

How to get people to opt in is a pretty big topic, there are loads of things you could be doing wrong. Can you give us an idea of what keywords you're advertising on and your landing page?
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