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I want to start a Digital Marketing Institute

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I want to start a Digital Marketing Institute

Dear Like minded people,

I'm planning to start a Digital marketing institute in india. I have a innovative Education pedagogy. I need angel investors and guidance. Can anyone share the resource on the same.
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Dear, Same thing I am also trying to execute for my website And I am getting at-least 10 leads per month.
So what I am going to do that I am sharing with you.
1. I am going to promote my personal videos and blog.
2. I am also going to use offline ads like: parking ads, auto ads etc. They are very cheap and convertible in local market.
3. I am going to run paid ads also.
4. I am planning to start DVD courses. If I will get good response.
Then I am start finding some investors for my institute. And there are many blogs like: etc.
They provide investors updates. So you can use their strategy for your business.
I hope these tips will be helpful for you.
Abhishek Nigam
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