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How to improve the average position in Google adwords PPC?

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How to improve the average position in Google adwords PPC?

Hello People.

In my previous company i started doing PPC but not in detail, I only did keyword research,ads setup and making payment. Rest was managed by my boss but when i left that company around 6 month ago now here i have been asked to do it on fully basis. I am doing good but i have few question which want to clear that will help me increasing my PPC managment.

I asked so many people but they don't have time to teach me then i have decided to educate myself online.

My first question is:-
How can i increase the quality scores of keywords.?

I have read so many place that to increase the Position i will have to increase the Quality scores. i found the following answer also:-

1. Remove the keywords or replace it with a more specific one.
2. Use multi words, specific keywors to replace singular or general keywords.
3. Use a combination of keywords matching options
4. Try using our keywords tools to refine your keywords
5. Make sure your text ads closely matches the keywords you are bidding.

Now my question is:-
1. I can remove the keywords and replace it with a more specific one but if the client is saying to keep the specific keywords then what we do in that case.
2. I am OK with 2 and 3 point
4. Tell me in detail step by step to use keywords tools

Please help me out. today i found that in keywords it was written that "Rarely shown because of low quality scores" Please help me out.

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Google uses a variety of factors to determine your quality score. You'll find a list on this page: What is the AdWords "Quality Score" and how is it calculated?

You need to use keywords that are relevant to your ad group and to the user's search query. Try to explain to your client that using more relevant keywords will effectively target your potential customers. This would also result in higher CTR (thus higher quality score, lower cost-per-clicks). I'm sure your client won't mind paying less for his ads ;)

You could also read the following articles:

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