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How to check the current Bid on a particular keywords?

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How to check the current Bid on a particular keywords?

Hello All,

I am learning PPC from the last two month now i can say to anyone that yes i know Google Adwords PPC but i am facing problem or you can say i am bit confuse regarding some things.

I use Google keyword suggestion tools to check the current bid on a particular keywords and check using column AVG CPC. Am i doing the right thing or not.

One thing more what is the difference between Estimated Avg. CPC and Estimated Daily Cost?
Is there any other way or tool that can i use.

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The estimated average CPC is the average amount you'll pay for each click while the estimated cost per day is the amount you may spend per day for this keyword.

Another useful tool would be Google's Keyword Analysis field. It will show you how to improve the quality score and lower your cost-per-click (CPC).
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