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How Many Subscribers Does it Take to Finally Get a Sale?

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How Many Subscribers Does it Take to Finally Get a Sale?

Hi Everybody -

Just a question.... Is there any "rule of thumb" for roughly how many subscribers it takes to get a purchase? (My website is about dating tips / relationship help for women.)

Right now I have about 15 targeted subscribers (most of which I've had for over 1 week), yet no clickbank purchases yet..... :(

Is that expected? I keep checking my fluttermail daily to see how many subscribers I have, and each time I see a new one, I immediately go to clickbank to see if there have been any purchases. Ha! I just wish I knew more or less when to expect things to start "happening".....

Any thoughts?

Much appreciated!
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Yes that is expected. Basically you will need to have a larger list first before you start earning from your newsletters. There is really no specific number but I would say that you may start earning if you have around 1000 subscribers. So the goal is to focus on building your list first and making sure that you have quality list so sales is easy to convert.
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