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How long to get 1st Google ad campaign approved?

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How long to get 1st Google ad campaign approved?

I've been waiting for 8 days now to get my 1st campaign approved. I checked the Adwords forum & they are saying it now sometimes takes up to 2 weeks for new campaigns to be approved.

Any words of wisdom?
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I got approved immediately. Have you entered payment instructions? Sometimes people don't enter how Google would be paid for clicks, Google doesn't allow you to start your campaign.
Second, you can check Tools and then Disapproved Ads. Make sure that you don't have any disapproved ads.
Thirdly, check your budget and default CPC. Your budget may not be good enough to cover your cost per click for a day.
Last, check your quality score. If it is too low, Google may not give any impression of any of the keywords.
All the best for your first campaign...

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I agree - I just set up a new account for a client last week. Once all the correct info is in place it is approved immediately (well almost, ads sometimes take a minute or 2).

Look for little yellow flags somewhere in your adwords account that tell you something is not configured correctly or you have some info missing.
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