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How does everyone on here do PPC? I'm lost...

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How does everyone on here do PPC? I'm lost...

OK, so basically, I started a web page promoting payday loans here: I then launched a campaign on Yahoo for the site. I'm only a beginner, so for 2 days I spent £100 and made £135, which I was so happy about. I wasn't expecting to make any profit on my first go, but then Yahoo banned me!! And Google banned me on another occasion, too.

I'm just wondering, is it even possible to use PPC for affiliate marketing now? I mean, if they don't allow bridge pages, how does everyone on here do it? Sorry if this sounds silly, but I'm a newbie an' all. :s
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What you should look into are Google's Advertising Policies, including the Landing Page and Site Quality Guidelines. You need to make sure that your pages comply with their policies and guidelines.

Bridge pages are prohibited by Google so I suggest that you build a high quality site and link your ad to your site. You could place this link at the bottom of the page.

Mark has written a blog on Google Slap for Review and CPA sites. Most members have survived the Google Slap by making their landing pages relevant and building good quality sites.

You might also want to read this blog on How To Avoid A Google Slap: 6 Tried and Tested Techniques.
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I use ppc on facebook. its easy to get low-cost clicks if you use different ad copies and images. facebook is also strict though so you want to stay within their guidelines or they will disable your account, but if you get your ads approved and keep a close eye on then you can make a profit. its best to have a good amount of ads running at once.
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"Facebook PPC for ZERO cents per click possible?"

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