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How can I set the "line character limit" on emails?

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How can I set the "line character limit" on emails?

Does anyone know how to set the character limit per line when you send out emails?

I’ve been trying to do this with Microsoft Word using ‘word wrap’, margins and indents but it only does ‘soft returns’. (So when I copy and paste the text onto notepad, it just comes up in one long line).

Is there a way of automating "hard returns" for say, once it reaches 70 characters or thereabouts per line?
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I use a notepad when I'm writing my articles that I will post online (because word processors tend to change things to weird characters), and I just return when I get to 60 characters. As for a way to "automate" this... I'm not sure.

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i heard this thing first about line character limit so really thankful to u.
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