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How can I improve my Quality Score for Registry Easy?

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How can I improve my Quality Score for Registry Easy?

We've been doing PPc for 5 days now and the quality score keeps going down (and CPC up!) on the main keyword Registry Easy.
Other keywords there's no problem with, even though they might not actually be on the page, we just don't know what to tweak?

The page is based on one of the products landing pages, but tweaked a bit so it isn't identical to anybody elses.
Could somebody more experienced tell us what's wrong with it, please :-)


Cheeers, J & J
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The page itself looks ok although from what I can tell your keyword density is a little high - its 2.7%, try to get that down. Review the Google site guidelines - http://adwords.google.com/support/aw/bi ... swer=46675

Also check what other advertisers are doing for this keyword and compare sites to see what improvements you can make on your own landing pages.
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There are so many factors in this that it could be a number of things.
There are also soo many ways to tackle a PPC campaign as well.

This is an entire course by itself.

It could be that the keyword you are using is reallly competitive.
It could be that you have too many keywords in an adgroup and it is bringing the QS down or it is bringing the CTR down ( Which effects QS )

If the keyword isn't performing, pause it and move on.

Just My opinion.

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