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Hop link for PPC

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Hop link for PPC

Hello all,
I am new to affilorama but exicted to be around like minded people. I just had a question related to ClickBank if anyone could help me out. When I sign up to be an affiliate for a certain company and they give me a hoplink is that my unique tracking URL? Do I include the domain name or the hoplink into my PPC campaign? I tried doing this but microsoft ads would not accept the hoplink or domain name that was given to me from ClickBank and it was telling me it was not a valid URL. Anybody else have this problem?
Thank You!,

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Help you... I am a business consultant by nature. Feel free to email me for any question related to your business at I would love to steer you in the right direction. You can also visit: for a free 7day e/course/bootcamp that teaches you leading edge skills on network marketing and succeeding in homebased businesses Thanks!
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first welcome to affilorama. I am as new here like you, but if you check some of my post you might find it useful and the responses too.

Answers first: Yes this is your unique tracking code when they give it to you. Please go to the follwoing link to get full answer direct from the source itself:
Your next question:
Do I include the domain name or the hoplink into my PPC campaign?
Answer: I believe you are referring here to display url vs destination url,right?
your affiliate url goes into the destination url. The vendor´s url goes into the display url form.However, this being said I am not sure Aaron in howfar you are even allowed to use this method by your PPC company.
It would take too long to go into the details and history of PPC Affiliate marketing. In short many strategies PPC affiliates use to do are not allowed anymore because they produce bad customer experience and lot of abuse. You may need to rethink and reposition your marketing here. Direct linking what you probably are going after is maybe still alive but in my short experience not the easiest especially for newbies today. Creating your own landing page and domain then providing great value for free, then converting that traffic seems to be the honest and professional path into PPC affiliate and marketing online in general.

I recommend going into the "lessons" section of affilorama first step by step. then follow the guidelines of Bing/MSN or whatever traffic source you use and use the best practises from Mark Ling and other trusted sources (there aren´t that many though:-).
Save yourself time and money and build a real online marketing business. Like said above, I am a newbie too, I know what I am talking about.
I am however into PPC already and I honestly live from it now, although it´s offline biz PPC I do for my company, but the principles are 100% the same I guess.

Good luck and if they is something I can do for you, esp. PPC, just tell or PM.
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hop links? what is it? don't getting that one.
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