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Google Traffic Estimator giving insufficient data

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Google Traffic Estimator giving insufficient data

hey all, couldnt think of a decent title without putting in a story so hopefully the mods may change it to a more apt one.

basically my problem is i seen a vid which showed how to use google traffic estimator to see how certain keywords would perform ie daily budget, cpc, cpm, ctr etc.

now when i opened an adwords account and tried to do the same all i got was a summary and no keyword breakdown etc

obviously i know these are estimates and not to be too much relied upon but just wondering why on the vid the dude has detail to the hill whereas i have basically nothing.

the notes mention something about performance history. what is this and could this be the reason? is it because i have just opened an account?
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I am having the exact same problem. If anyone has information on this, I'd be very grateful. I am only just learning the ropes, and can not start without being able to use the traffic estimator.

Have you maybe solved this yourself, JohnRambo?

Thanks in advance!
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