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Google PPC Campaign Strategies?

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Google PPC Campaign Strategies?

Hello Everybody,

I'm getting ready to launch a Google PPC campaign and need a little advice. I've watched the videos and surfed the forums but wanted to make sure I haven't missed any 'secrets' or 'updates' to Google philosphy.

To be $afe, should I use phrase matching exclusively or a combination of phrase and exact? I don't think broad matching would let me sleep at night.

Also, can you recommend a daily budget for a beginner? The product I'm promoting will net me about $70/sale. I'm thinking between $5-$10. Am I in the ballpark?

Thanks in advance for your help.

All the Best,
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I use all 3 types of matching, just to see what sort of keywords users are using to get to my site. If they don't convert, I just cut them.

As for a budget, how much would you spend if you got back $2 for every $1 spent? I'd be spending more than $5 a day...

How quickly you want to go through your testing money depends on how much you have. If you want me to give you a hand via PM, let me know.
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