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Google not letting me do CPC based on my domain name

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Google not letting me do CPC based on my domain name

I tried to set up a Google adwords campaign to promote my website "" and google disapproved it and gave me a warning that if I tried it again, they would suspend my account.

I already dealt with a different account which was suspended and have never been able to resolve it.

The this is they have based their disapproval on the grounds of the domain name

I don't know if I'm off base here but I don't see anything wrong with the domain name, which also happens to be a decent long tail keyword. I could see them getting upset if it was all about affiliate marketing but there are a ton of valuable content pieces and even fertility coaching.

Does anyone have any experience with their websites and campaigns being rejected on the grounds of a domain name? How can I know if Google will reject any of my other future domain names planned? Is it a matter of "guessing" what they will consider appropriate? (I never would've guessed I'd be blacklisted on a G rated domain name)

This has me pretty frustrated as I really would like to drive traffic via CPC to that site.

On a side note, Facebook and Bing are running campaigns pointing to that URL just fine.
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Hi George,

I'm sorry to hear that. Did Google state a specific reason why your domain name is not allowed? I know Google is particular with the parts of the ad. In your case, maybe it's the display URL that is the problem. For more information:
Display URL

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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Hi George,

Cecille may be right. You need to review Google's advertising policy. Here's the direct link-> ... ic=2996750

I hope that helps.

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