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Google KW Tool Showing Different Results When Logged In

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Google KW Tool Showing Different Results When Logged In

Hey Guys

Can anyone tell me what the deal is with Googles KW Tool?

When I do a search when I am not logged in the results are massively different than when I am logged in.

As an example;
When I am searching for the name of a product - let's say....Affilorama as a keyword it will not show any results at all when I am logged into my Adwords account.
.....but when signed out it gives me a total of 14,800 plus a whole host of other programs as well.

As well as named products not showing, the data is also way lower when I am logged in than not.

All my searches (logged in and out) are done with the US as the location.

Also, can anyone tell me how to download my selected keywords in text form? You could do it with the old KW tool so there must be an easy way with the new one, but beggared if I can find it :)

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hi chris. Idk what the deal is with the new kw tool. the new one only downlaods csv file so far as i know.

I get different results too , but usually it gives me more when i am logged in, not sure why. I usually just click over to the old interface (upper right hand corner) and use it.
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that's right google showing different result when we are login in gmail account.
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