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Google Approved Landing Page

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Google Approved Landing Page

hay guys,

I have not done ppc since about 2008
before then i was doing ppc and always had great ads, kw and QS.

I have played around with ppc a few times post 2008 and my ads are now low quality,KW suck Site suspended and yadda yadda yadda Google is like a boss you want to punch in the face somtimes i cant even get my ads showing now.

Of cource google gives you a reason why your ads aren't showing so i worked on an adgroup and now the ads are ok but the site is suspended (landing page problem i guess)

its frustrating because i used to excel at ppc but its gone so far down hill i just stopped trying.
i have read and read and read the landing page guidelines and have made changes but nothing is working.

im a visual learner i guess i need to see a approved landing page. my site is a review site.

are there or does anyone have an example of an approved landing page? post all the Google BS???
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Hi nates450r,

What was the reason Google gave you for disapproving your landing page? Most of the time they do let you know what's wrong and gives you a chance to change it. This page on landing page examples contains some examples of good landing pages as well as a couple of videos that gives tips on how to create quality landing pages.

It might also help to go over this Google Adwords Help page:
Understanding Landing Page Quality

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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