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EZine Advertising

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EZine Advertising

I recently completed a landing page from which to provide a skin care ebook in exchange for a name and email address with the goal of a follow-up email series promoting a Clickbank ebook on treating/curing acne.

Does anyone have experience relative to the best type of ezine from which to buy advertising relating to treating acne problems in order to funnel people to my landing page? If actual experience with this scenario is not available, any other suggestions/tips will be appreciated.

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I actually don't know any paid ezine sites. However, you may want to search for free ones instead and see if ezine advertising is for your niche. In my observation, a lot of ezine ad services are geared towards money-making niche. Additionally, you may not be sure if these services really have target audience as they usually specify. Thus, it is best to think of other options as well. For your niche, you can try paid blog reviews or market your product by guest writing in related blogs. With these methods, you are guaranteed that you are marketing to the right audience.
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Probably the biggest/best one is the Directory of Ezines.

They list more ezines than you'll ever need as well as rankings and ratings from other users regarding the quality and results that they've experienced. You can also sort by costs and different types of advertising available.
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