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Does time matter with Adword Campaigns?

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Does time matter with Adword Campaigns?

I'm pretty new to this; so I hope this isn't a stupid question. Is there a time in the day (like 4 a.m.) which isn't profitable and should be disabled in your adwords campaign?
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Track and Test. I have a campaign i am running right now that converts at about at about 3 percent Tue-Thurs however Friday-Monday it converts at way less than 1 percent. So to keep my ROI where i want it I pause the Campaign ever Thursday night at 9pm and un-pause it Tuesday morning.
You will just have to track and see. There is no magic number or time.

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This would also depend on if you are targetting more than one country as 3am can be 9am somewhere else.

If you are targetting just one time zone then common sense prevails, as most people will be sleeping in the early hours of the morning.
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