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Conversion tracking

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Conversion tracking

Glad to be a part of the affilorama community, I am new here and working towards a successful career in Am.
My question today is what is the recommended process for tracking keyword conversions to increase profits ?


Is anyone here using prosper202 or tracking202 or OMS ?
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Hi Jason,

Conversion tracking is a great idea if you are using PPC. It will allow you to see what keywords are most profitable for you and where your money is best spent. Have you watched the Conversion tracking video in the PPC Lessons section? Here is the link. ... n-tracking
It contains why you should be using tracking and the different options available to you. A step-by-step guide on set up is also included.

If you are using the Clickbank Affiliate Program then they have tracking that you can set up through them. MSN, Yahoo and Google PPC Advertising also offer you this option.

I hope this helps and all the best with you PPC!

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