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Clickbank hoplinks having problems in Adwords

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Clickbank hoplinks having problems in Adwords


I have been doing direct linking for several Clickbank products in Adwords. For several of my links, Google said that they were not working, and in one case they said it the display URL was not correct (even thought it matched the destination URL perfectly).

Has anyone had problems with their hoplink destination URLs not working in Adwords? I tested them and they work fine for me. Here is an obvious question, but I am still sort of a newbie......when doing direct linking for Clickbank products in Adwords, I am just taking the hoplink and pasting it into the destination URL for the ad....isn't this correct? I am not aware of any other method of doing it. Maybe the domains for these products are temporarily not working at times.

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Are you referring to the display URL or the destination URL? Display URLs are limited to 35 characters so that may be interferring with it. Also make sure there are no spaces at the end or start of the URL. That can also play tricks with setting up a new ad.

I would probably suggest adding tracking IDs to your hoplinks if you're not using them already.
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