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Clickbank Analytics???

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Clickbank Analytics???

Can someone please help me out with this as I am VERY confused?

About 10 days ago I started three PPC campaigns and have been monitoring them daily through the Clickbank Analytics Tool. I am wondering if I'm not understanding the "Order Form Submit Count". It says I have had 7 different people hit this button (2 each for 2 of the sites and 3 submits for the other site) over the last 8 days, but not one sale.

In the help section it explains that when customers fill in all of their financial information and hit the Place Order button/Order Form Submit Count, that it sometimes doesn't become a sale as they have entered the wrong information or their credit card was declined. That I understand. However, what are the chances that 7 different people purchasing different products over the period of 8 days all have the same results?

I emailed clickbank after 4 of these and they said that it was frustrating but it does happen. Now that I'm at 7, I feel like throwing up. Does this seem possible? Do the sales show up right away or is there a wait time before they show up as a sale? Wouldn't the chances that 7 out of 7 people can't fill out a form or have declined credit cards be ridiculously high?
Has this happened to anyone else?

Thanks for any help.
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I've encountered this before :)

I may be stupid here but you might want to recall
whether you clicked on your own order link before
to make sure that your link was working properly
i.e. it shows your affiliate id at the bottom of the

If not, it could be because the visitor merely wanted
to verify the pricing of the product.

When you look at it this way, 7 doesn't seem like too
huge a number, especially when you have visitors
repeatedly clicking the order link to see if the merchant
is doing any price testing. (Rare, but you get 'em)
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