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Can someone link me a complete first PPC campaign walk thru

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Can someone link me a complete first PPC campaign walk thru

I've done some searching for walk-throughs for people wanting to create their first PPC campaign, but not of them are complete. Right now, I need to work out how to get a digital signature and send some tax details off to a couple of the CPC search engines I want to use before I can get started.

I want to start by simply forwarding people who click on my ad to the merchants website, rather than creating my own landing page.

Can someone please link me some text or a video that covers absolutely everything necessary to get a first PPC campaign on one search engine working, ideally with an example campaign setup?

Incidentally, how can I get a digital signature?

Thanks then.
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Best place to learn is through mark's Affiloblueprint. he teaches you step by step how to set it all up and run a successful campaign.

you arent going to find a step by step walkthrough for free honestly. you will get tips and strategies, but most people won't teach you every thing for free.
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