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Beginner's daily PPC budget and maximum did per click

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Beginner's daily PPC budget and maximum did per click

Hi Guys out there. Just a couple of questions from a beginner.

What would be the recommended daily Google PPC budget for a beginner? My current budget is $10 Australian but it quickly gets devoured before the end of the day and in a couple of hours my ads are removed from the search network?

I also pegged my maximum bid for CPC at $0.10 and have tried to optimise my ads. With some of the keywords I have a quality score of 10/10. But even with these keywords where I have a very good score, Iam always getting the feedback that my CPC bid is below the minimum bid. And in cases the Google stipulated minimum bid may be anywhere from $0.25 to over $1. I have tried to raise my CPC bid in order to meet Google requirements. But each time I do so Google resets a higher CPC minimum for that keyword. I feel like Iam chasing a shadow.

Should I just go ahead and raise my daily PPC budget and continue to raise my maximum bid for CPC? Any ideas would be welcome.

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Hi Bananas,
PPC is definately not for newbies, In my opinion, Unless you have had some good training by someone who knows PPC well.
Yes, Google will do this, and it is often called the google dance,
When you raise your bids... then your competition raise there bids... and then Google lets you know you need to raise your bids again and so on.
There are whole courses on PPC and this can not be explained in 1 post.
My opinion on a starting daily bid for PPC is that if you start with $10, google will not take you very seriously.
Although you may want to work up from that.
What you are experiencing is what all new adwords people experience.. welcome to the wonderful world of
I am not trying to scare you.. but you just need to put in higher bids PER click at first... then after a day or two, lower them until you have found the spot you want in the Search pages... but keep in mind.. the competition is tuff and they watch what you are doing. It is all about finding your niche, being highly relevent and tweaking your campaigns.

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