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An Article About The Google Adwords Change

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An Article About The Google Adwords Change

[quote]Affiliates often use pay-per-click (PPC) programs like Google AdWords to place ads for the products they are promoting. Although some affiliates can drive traffic directly to the product owner’s site, most send the traffic to sites they own. The usual scheme is to create a single landing page that links directly to the product’s order page, with no other links on the page. In fact, it’s not unusual to create several variations of the same landing page for tracking and testing purposes, but all follow the same general pattern.

Recent AdWords changes are throwing this time-honored method into disarray, however. As documented over at Inside AdWords, the quality of a landing page now has a greater impact on the advertiser¢â‚¬â„¢s overall Quality Score. This is important, you see, because the advertiser’s minimum bid values vary with the Quality Score (QS). In short, advertisers with low QS pay more for their ads. If the price of the ads goes up too much then the cost of attracting eyeballs to the affiliate landing pages starts to outweight the profits generated from affiliate sales. For examples of how this affects affiliate advertisers, see the extensive posting by Michael Gray.
Quality Guidelines

If you’re an affiliate who depends on PPC to make money â€â€
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That's an awesome article IMSoul. Thanks for posting it!
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