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Adwords Geographical Targeting

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Adwords Geographical Targeting

I started an adwords campaign which surprisingly is making money straight up ... not heaps, but I'm taking things very gently as I find my way around.

One thing I couldn't understand is that when I performed a google search for my keywords to suss out the adword competition only 0-3 ads would show up. Of course I thought I was onto a hot, under-utilised market. I bid really cheap for keywords.

Google was telling me my ads were appearing at position 8-11.

For a couple of days I couldn't work this out as I couldn't get more than 3 ads to show for my adwords. I also noticed I couldn't get my own ads to show. Then I finally had my lightbulb moment (OK, so I'm not that quick).

I'm in NZ, and my ads are geo-targetted to the US and Canada market simply because I'm promoting a collectible product which is really only known in these two markets. That is why I'm only seeing a couple of the adword competitors ads, and never my own.

Question (at last): Is there any way as an NZ resident, I can view ads targetted to other countries?

Cheers, Erin
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You need the Google Adsense Preview Tool.
(for the download) and
(for the explanation of how to use it.)

Hope that helps,
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