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Adwords Campaign To Email List & Purchase Tracking

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Adwords Campaign To Email List & Purchase Tracking


When setting up an Adwords campaign, with the intention of letting people optin to your main email list for that niche, is it in fact best to have a separate version of your main list on the autoresponder purely for traffic from Adwords? In that way, you can distinguish between their subsequent behavior and that of people who opted in via natural search engine listings, Facebook, and everything else. Or does Google Analytics do all that for you?

I am just thinking that if you put everyone into the SAME email core list despite their source, then if you have several products to sell them down the line, it becomes hard to know where the buyers originally came from, and consequently hard to figure out your total average customer value. So, if you have a dedicated email list for those who optin from Adwords, you know where they came from and can then see every purchase they make thereafter.

Like I say, am I over-thinking this and it is already coped with by Google Analytics or other tracking programs, so you CAN mix sources in a core email list? Or am what I am discussing a good procedure to adopt?


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I believe the Adwords tracking code will be enough to give you the information that you need including the following: AdWords Conversion Tracking Setup Guide

When using conversion tracking, you can set up to 100 customized names for your actions. You can organize these actions into categories by using the following labels when you define an action.

Helps online commerce sites track purchases and sales to determine return on investment (ROI).
Page that says "Thank you for your purchase."

Appropriate for sales organizations interested in tracking how many users requested follow-up calls for more information from a member of the sales team.
Page that says "Thank you for contacting us."

Designed for sites interested in tracking sign-up statistics for subscriptions or newsletters.
Page that says "Your subscription has been processed."

Views of a Key Page
Helps sites track how many times users have landed on a single page that's important to your business.
Any important page of your website that you want users to view.

Tracks a category unique to your service or business.

Aweber and most autoresponder services can track your conversions but you wouldn't be able to segment follow-up sequences and exclude lists from follow-up sequences (wouldn't be able to create a segment of those who have already bought a product from those who didn't).

What you can do is remove them from your list and transfer them to another list: Can I Move Subscribers From One List to Another?
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