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Adword campaigns - Landing Page and Email Capture

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Adword campaigns - Landing Page and Email Capture

Hi Mark & Co,

As email marketing is one of the best techniques. Is it ok to direct visitors
from your adword ad to a landing page that has a FirstName & Email capture box in exchange for a free gift before forwarding them to the
affiliate site. Or will they just get fed up with having to give their details
2 or 3 times?

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They will probably get fed up if the page you are sending them to is primarily a squeeze page (as opposed to a sales page that happens to have a subscribe box somewhere down the page).

In this case, a review site will work best (ie review 4 products with short reviews, or something). You can have a small newsletter sign up box at the bottom, or a blog, and a subscribe to the "topic" review blog at the bottom. This should clearly distinguish it.

Another way is to thank them for subscribing and then tell them about the product you recommend, and then warn them in advance that they'll have to enter their email address to log in, but that's ok because... etc.

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