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6 conversions, but only recieved 1 conversion commission.

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6 conversions, but only recieved 1 conversion commission.

I am really really freaking out.
I am promoting a CB product using yahoo and google.
I've had
Order Form Impression Count: 36
Order Form Submit Count: 6
Initial Sales Count: 1
Initial Sales Amount: 26.30

I don't understand, I've got 6 order form submitted yet, only one turned into an actual sale.
Is it normal? Please help. I am confused, lost, and don't know what to do.
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Thats only the number of people who get to the submit form but do not submit ie buy
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Worst case scenario: someone tried to buy the product but encountered a problem with the payment/creditcard, he/she tired it 5 times with no luck but made it at his/her 6th try 0.o
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