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Why link cloaking is important for affiliate marketing

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Why link cloaking is important for affiliate marketing

The very words, “link cloaking, ” have a cloak and dagger sound to them. Maybe it’s because of that that many people associate the cloaking of links with unscrupulous black hat marketing techniques. That is too bad, because in fact it is something that all legitimate online businesses should do.

Once you have established an affiliate relationship with a company, you will be directed to a page or pages that give you a variety of widgets or snippets of code to install on your site. Your affiliate link is embedded in these links. Ideally, they ensure you that you get your referral commissions. Sadly, a lot of things can happen to hijack the process.
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Cloaking violates the Google webmaster guidelines and will result to your site being removed from their index.

Please refer to these articles from the Google Webmaster Central:
Cloaking, sneaky Javascript redirects, and doorway pages
Google's Webmaster Guidelines
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This dude (if he is in fact a dude) has just copy/pasted content he found on some website somewhere. Locking.
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